FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ICEC Supports Low Carbon Portfolio Legislation

February 26th, 2015 | Posted by Doug01 in announcements | news


Contact: Doug O’Brien (312) 363-8447

Low Carbon portfolio legislation will make Illinois the undisputed leader in clean energy production

Proposal would create historic clean energy goals and recognize nuclear, alongside wind and solar as clean energy sources

Springfield, IL—The Illinois Clean Energy Coalition applauded bipartisan legislation introduced today that would set an unprecedented low-carbon energy requirement for Illinois and help ensure reliable, cost-effective supplies.

“This legislation is exactly the type of solution we need,” said ICEC Executive Director Doug O’Brien.  “It preserves the state’s position as the national clean energy leader, promotes investment in new low carbon energy, and actually helps the economy grow stronger.”

The proposal sets a 70% low-carbon electricity generation requirement in Illinois which would preserve the benefits of the state’s nuclear power plants while continuing to incentivize development of wind and solar power, giving Illinois the highest clean-energy standard of any state by far.

“It is encouraging that there is broad bipartisan support for low-carbon electricity generation in Illinois,” said O’Brien.  “But we have to ensure that proposals won’t exacerbate the state’s financial struggles, and that they are truly practical and result in short-term as well as long-term results.”

Proposals to simply promote an increase in the use of renewable energy would leave the state’s nuclear fleet vulnerable to artificial market impacts and could cause them to close, actually leading to increased pollution due to higher reliance on fossil fuels.  And proposals that rely on “investments” in renewables alone ignore the complex challenges to an immediate shift to more renewables, such as capital requirements, permitting requirements and technological constraints.

“Renewables need to be part of our energy future,” said O’Brien.  “While we want to continue to push for the development of technologies that will make wind and solar more efficient, it’s important to recognize that nuclear power is the only carbon-free electricity source that provides the consistent, 24/7 generation needed to power Illinois.

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  The Illinois Clean Energy Coalition, launched in 2012, is a group of business leaders, policy experts, local officials and interested citizens who support the common-sense pursuit of a cleaner environment and a reliable, safe and cost-effective energy market.  Learn more at www.ilcleanenergy.org

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