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  • As part of its close oversight of nuclear power plants, the federal government undertakes a thorough review of nuclear plant operations and impacts when evaluating license renewal.

    Part of the license renewal process is a review of local impacts of nuclear power plants. The Byron and Braidwood plants have had a tremendously positive impact locally and across Illinois, and the ICEC is working to rally support for these vital components of our energy infrastructure.

    Together, Byron and Braidwood plants…

    • Employ nearly 2,000 highly skilled workers and support thousands of additional jobs
    • Generate over $2 billion in economic benefit to the state of Illinois
    • Provide enough electricity to power nearly 4 million homes
    • Produce no greenhouse gas or carbon emissions
    • Operate safely and consistently, frequently upgrading efficiency, security and technology
    • Work constantly with public safety agencies to maintain emergency response readiness

    Community leaders, business and labor, elected officials and civic groups are rallying in support of license renewal.

    Join the ICEC and make your voice heard – sign up below to support license renewal of Byron and Braidwood Generating Stations


Welcome to the Illinois Clean Energy Coalition website.

This site, like the Coalition itself, is designed to gather and disseminate information about clean energy production in Illinois and beyond—in particular nuclear energy which produces nearly half of our state’s electricity.

Our objective is to foster a constructive dialogue about how to best keep electricity supplies abundant and affordable for businesses and families in our state.

Members of the business, academic, labor and public policy fields have come together to ensure that pertinent, credible and factual information about nuclear and other clean energy sources here and around the world is readily available to thought leaders, the media and the general public.

If you are one of the millions of Illinoisans who sees the benefits of our existing nuclear energy industry and wants to see it continue to thrive as we pursue new technologies to produce more clean, cost-effective electricity.

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